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    How to keep a Movie Clip on the screen for 5 secs.

      I am having trouble with keeping a movie clip on the screen. I am setting it up to play a movie using the .onPress function. It is calling the movie but only shows it for a split second. How can I make the movie stay on the stage for 5 seconds? Here is how I have it coded:

      rc1MC.onPress = function() {
      if (rc1MC.hitTest(_xmouse, _ymouse, false)){

      var c1:MovieClip = this.attachMovie ("correct1_mc", "correct1",4300);
      var ymov = this._y;
      var gravity = 20;
      c1.onEnterFrame = function() {
      ymov += gravity;
      xmov *= 0.5;
      c1._rotation += 5;
      c1._x += xSpeed;
      c1._y = ymov;
      if (c1._y>stageHeight) {
      delete this.onPress;

      Thanks Brandon