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    digital rights management of flash paper

      I want to be able to offer a document but ensure that no one can print the document or save & email the document. Can Flash Paper do this for me? What about the cached version of the Flash Paper document?
        • 1. digital rights management of flash paper
          Keep in mind that any document or image displayed on a computer screen can be captured as a screenshot in the clipboard. So therefore if you display it without any type of watermark it is free for the taking. Of course you should have all your copyrights in order (just in case) before going there. I have the same problem wanting to display photos and not get stolen so I am going to embed them in a doc and watermark it there and then save as flashpaper to display. A watermark is basically just a layer of semitransparent text or logo identifying the owner and copyright over the image. I am not sure how you would do that with your docs, but it is food for thought. Good Luck.