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    Movie pixelation

      In my Flash file, I have created a movie that utilizes images which were imported and then changed into a graphic. The movie was then placed into a scene in frame one. When previewed in Flash Player, all looked good. The images tweened smoothly.

      I decided to place a preloader into the scene because the movie takes just a wee bit of time to load. When the movie was moved to the second frame and then previewed in Flash Player, the images within the movie became pixelated. They no longer tweened smoothly. I removed the preloaded but kept the movie in the second frame and the preview still shows pixelation of the images. It seems that once the movie is moved outside of frame one it doesn't tween properly. Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening? Thanks in advance for any help!!
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          kkalina Level 1
          For anyone with similar trouble, I found another thread that solved my problem. See below:

          Use the ActionScript command
          to solve your problems with the jaggies.

          THANKS TO PETE HUGHES!! I'm so happy I came across your suggestion.