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    Login page diversion to specific client pages

    Nicholas M

      I have put in place a login on my index.php page (at http://www.overloadweb.com.au ) and I am using webassist - security assist - all very good and fine!

      Only problem i'm having, is that I want my clients to go to their own specific page when they login...

      I get that I needed to set up an additional column on my database - i've called it ClientSite - and that i will need to put in the specific URL for each client when I register them in that particular column.

      The kind guy at Webassist tried to explain the steps thereafter - putting in server behaviours in DW etc, but I am new at that and got lost after he said "so what you need to do..." (lol).

      I tried looking through DW help and they mention it but don't explain how to do it (as far as i can see) (i have Dreamweaver 8)...

      Can someone help or lead me to a step by step explanation somewhere? I would really appreciate any assistance as my hair is getting thinner by the minute!