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    DHTML stopped working


      I use the drop-down feature quite extensively in my help files. I was testing some additional DHTML features, such as mouse-overs. Now, none of my DHTML is working. Any ideas?

      Nicole B.
      Robohelp x5.0.2

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Nicole

          Even in a brand spankin new topic? Or only in an existing topic?

          If it's only in an existing topic, try creating a new topic and testing. Sometimes, you will find that you cannot easily combine some of the DHTML effects and have them all work. Only trial and error will truly tell what works versus what doesn't.

          Cheers... Rick
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            KeystoneCmns Level 1
            Hello Rick,

            Funny you should reply, I was just on your site to see if I could find the answer there! :-)

            My DHTML no longer works for entire projects (I have several). I checked this with new and existing topics, and in a couple different projects, but no luck.

            I'm not very technical, but could something be happening with the way RoboHelp is handling the Java Script?

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Rick did ask if you had tried it in a new project. It sounds like you have tried it in new topics but that is not the same thing.

              We need to know if you have just broken things in your existing projects or completely.

              If it does not work in a new project, my first attempt would be to uninstall and reinstall RH in the hope that would repair things.

              After that you will need to retrace what you did if things are still not working.

              Post back if you are still in trouble.

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                KeystoneCmns Level 1
                Well... I reinstalled RoboHelp (plus the two updates) and still have the problem even with new projects.

                My steps before it stopped working... I was testing RoboHelp with an image map created in Illustrator. I imported the HTML from Illustrator into my project, then added a mousover effect and link to each image section. I used a custom color for the mouse-over effect, but other than that, left the effect as is. This worked well for two days, but then stopped working. The drop down text also stopped working in both the preview pane and generated help files. All of my projects are affected, not just the one I was working in.

                I would be happy to zip up a project or post some code if you think it would help.

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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  If the problem exists with new projects, I doubt it is worth looking at any of them. However, you are quite welcome to create a new project with one topic with a dropdown in it and send it to me.

                  In fact, let's try that before resorting to anything else.