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    Flex Messaging Polling Problem

      I've built a simple Flex chat tool to become more familiar with messaging. It works just fine except its slow due to the polling interval. In my services-config.xml file I changed the value of the polling-interval-seconds from 8 to 1 but the chat system will still only show the messages about every 8 seconds. Am I missing another setting somewhere?

      I tried restarting ColdFusion after changing the polling interval, but no luck.
      I tried restarting the computer, but no luck.
      Looked through the code to determine if there was another poll setting but can't find one.

      The current chat system is all local. My flex client runs on the my development system with ColdFusion 8 server and LCDS together. Everything is on the same machine but still only polling every 8 seconds. So I'm quite sure it's not a network latency issue.

      Thank you in advance.