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    cue points in streaming video

      I am trying to add cue points to a streaming video.
      I selected "new video in the library pull down menu, dragged it to the stage
      and named it"walking".
      I am useing the code shown below.
      The video plays but I can not get the two traces are not being called.

      Can anyone tell me what Is wrong with this code?
      thanks for any help in this matter.

      var ourNetConnection:NetConnection = new NetConnection();

      var moving:NetStream = new NetStream(ourNetConnection);

      var ourListener:Object = new Object();
      ourListener.cuePoint = function( eventObject:Object ):Void {
      if( eventObject.info.name == "Pause1" ) {
      trace("first cue point")
      else if( eventObject.info.name == "Pause2" ) {
      trace("second cue point")

      walking.addEventListener( "cuePoint", ourListener );
      walking.addASCuePoint( 5.098, "Pause1" );
      walking.addASCuePoint( 10.098, "Pause2" );