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    filereference.upload cant append variables

      Hi All,
      I am using filereferece.upload to send images to a server. This all works fine but I seem unable to append variables to the querystring (or at least I am unable to retrieve them in my ASP pages). I am using the following actionscript and ASP.


      response.write Request("newName")

      Nothing appears to be retrieved by the Request statement and therefore ASP displays nothing on the page.

      I have a fairly complicated application that is happily sending and receiving data using the loadvariablesnum operation but I can't seem to pass any data long with the upload command. The Flash 8 help states:
      You can send data to the server with the upload() call by appending parameters to the URL; for example, http://www.myserver.com/upload.cgi?userID=jdoe
      I am pretty sure I am doing eveything correct but I can't get it to work.
      Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
      Regards Mat H.