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    Calling global variable from different level

    Happy Camper
      I have a movie on _level0 that contains a movie clip named "scenario1". Inside the the movie clip there is a global variable named tree, initially the value is 1 (it changes).

      The movie on _level0 loads a movie on _level2 with a button that is intended to forward the movie on _level0. The button contains this script....

      _level0["scenario" + _level0.tree].gotoAndPlay("panel" + (_level0["scenario" + _level0.tree].panelNumber + 1));

      It does not work, the trace brings back "undefined". If I just type in "scenario1" it works. Clearly the program is not allowing me to call the variable "tree" on _level0 from my movie on _level2. I also tried


      which also returned "undefined" how do I call this variable into the movie on _level2?

      Thanks for any help....