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    Hard Trial

      A few days ago I downloaded the trial version of RoboHelp (X5). The following describes my experiences:
      - immediately I noticed that I can't install without administrator privileges, which is a problem in the corporate environment
      - I got support from Helpdesk, who installed the software
      - At first run it appears that I need administrator privileges, as RoboHelp tries to register all kinds of stuff (.ocx and .dll files).
      - I get a glance on the functionality, however, except Word integration (I should put robohook.wll in Word's startup directory, but this, again, is not that simple in this environment)
      - The only way to exit is using Task Manager, due to missing ability to start Word (cf. above)
      - The next step is to call Helpdesk again to install and make the first run to try to get the required pieces registered
      - Helpdesk installs RoboHelp and runs the programs the first time
      - I'll start RoboHelp and much to my surprise, it appears I'd need administrator privileges, the same registrations seem to happen (and the exit again with Task Manager)

      Hmmm, this is trial version, but should it be this hard? (Maybe I am spoilt due to using Mac most of the time, but software installation and execution is a lot more simple there.) I expect we are going to use RoboHelp, but is this all ahead again? Should one get local administrator privileges just to run this software?

      best regards,
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi jyrkiwahlstedt and welcome to the RH forums. It is a pre-requisite to have full admin rights to enable RH to install correctly. If you don't you are bound to run into problems like the ones you've mentioned. I believe this is common practice on PCs - can't speak for Macs.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            As Colum indicates, you must have admin rights when you install RoboHelp. Otherwise it will not install correctly. I know the full version instructions cover this and I would be surprised if the trial does not, albeit somewhat obscurely.

            If you have trouble getting your IT people to grant admin rights, point them to this topic. That explains it more fully and most IT departments are then happy as those rights should only be required during installation.

            You should not need to put robohook.wll or any other file anywhere. Provided you have the necessary rights, that will all happen automatically.