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    Adobe Air

      Hi every one.... i am developing a simple AIR application in flash CS4. i find following error when i try to publish AIR File...
      java.exe has encountered a problem and needs to be close......
      please somebody help me out this problem......
      thanx in advance....,.
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          tzeng Adobe Employee
          You could also post this to Flash forum to get help. -

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            Damon Edwards Level 3
            Can you make this FLA public, if so, post a link to download so we can check it out. I've never heard of that problem, and not sure its actually "Flash" related. Could be a misconfiguration on you computer, or you need to reinstall Java
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              Amir_Rasool Level 1
              ok, let me be more specific. i have just started working in AIR.
              i m working in CS4 that is portable version. this version is with Adobe Air 1.1.
              i just wanted to trace a hello world message, the stage is empty and in action frames, i have only this code..
              trace ("hello world");
              when i debug this code, it works fine. it generates SWF. Now i wanted to publish this in AIR. i go to AIR Application and intaller settings, fills required form, and when i wanted to add digital signatures, i create it, and when i press Ok, it displays the same Java message. then i try AIRI file to be signed later, and now it is time to Publish Air File, and i see the same Java message.......
              atlast, i m unable to publish my AIR application.
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                Damon Edwards Level 3
                This is where tzeng will have more information probably. I wasn't aware there was a portable version, and I'm not sure I fully understand. However, it seems whatever platform you're trying to publish this on, doesn't have the Java runtime, try installing it, then publishing: http://java.com/
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                  tzeng Adobe Employee
                  I don't know what portable version is.

                  "when i wanted to add digital signatures, i create it, and when i press Ok, it displays the same Java message"
                  It looks like you failed to create a certificate first. Have you tried to install
                  Java on your machine? You need to have a version of 1.6,1.5 or 1.4.12
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                    Amir_Rasool Level 1
                    well i have java 6 installed in my windows operating system....
                    now i am using adl.exe and adt.bat to manually create certificate and .air file. ....
                    now it creates .air file but when i try to run it, a message displays "the application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. try obtaining a new AIR file from the application author"....
                    this msg is displayed every time when i create .air file using adt.
                    might it be the same problem of java... but surprisingly, .air file is not created in flash cs4 because it shows java.exe error alert. and when i manually create it, its done... but atlast, the created .air file is damaged....
                    i tried to fix java problem through class path of environmental variable, but in vain......
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                      tzeng Adobe Employee
                      Is it possible for you to post the AIR file somewhere?
                      I can take a look at it.