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    Urgent-Need to Open PDFs from HTML Help CHM file


      I need to have a compiled help file done by Monday morning, and I have many links to PDFs that are set to open in a new window. My original file format was WebHelp, but someone needs this help file on a CD to take to corporate--yikes! So I can choose no PDFs (unacceptable) or let them field questions about the yellow bar in IE that says the content is *dangerous*!!

      I need some help, quick, by Sunday at the latest. This has not been a problem because the Webhelp is served over a LAN and will be on a server--so no "bad" message shows up. It's just a probem because it will be loaded on a CD and taken away.

      ANY suggestions are welcome. I've got RoboHelp Office X5 with everything, and could use any format--it just has to WORK.

      Please send e-mail dianaost -at- tampabay.rr.com and post here. I'll be checking.

      =-=-=Could use the RoboWizard and his majick today!!!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=