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    Cache issues with include Actionscripts

      I am currently working on a project that uses the same file name for its banners - PROMO_SHOP.SWF. In this banner there are three promo squares that when each is clicked will go to different URLs. What I have done is the URLs are in a seperate .AS actionscript file that the client can update.

      Some background: I use to include the URLs within the final SWF file but because I charged the client everytime I made a URL update change, the client did not want to have to pay for it. The alternative was to create an include that would reference the URL "links.as" file.

      The issue: It seems that when I place this onto the web (in a JS2 template) each time you update the URLs the cache (of either the browser or the server) is retaining the original link from the included .AS file. The only work around solution is to change the name of the "links.as" file to something else which means I have to update the SWF file to reference the new file name. This really doesn't help the client out.

      Does anyone know why the SWF file will not recognize a new AS file when the AS file is updated?