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    Flex 2 E-Commerce Integration

      I am researching various approaches to building a rather large and complex E-Commerce website. The site would include the typical... product catalog, advanced searches, online transactions... plus monthly billing, user admin tools, etc. One of my current options for this project is Flex. Can anyone tell me some of the pitfalls or advantages I may encounter using Flex for such a project? Primarily, my major concerns center around integration with Payment Gateways (how well do Gateways support transactions from a Flex app? How easy is it for a Flex app to hook into a gateway?). Similarly, is there anything I should be aware of when choosing a web host? For instance, if I were to choose ASP.NET, I would need to choose a hosting platform with the appropriate framework installed.
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          Flex is the answer as long as you are fairly confident that most of your users will be on a broadband connection.

          Also, keep in mind that Flex is only a client side technology, which means all your payment gateway connections would be on the Server Side through ASP.NET, which Flex integrates beautifully with.

          Good luck.
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            jjhiggi Level 1
            Great! Thanks Kenny. So the approach to making the gateway connections would be similar to working with Actionscript in that I would still be calling server-side scripts to handle the back-end work?

            Anyone have a recco on which technology would integrate best with Flex AND be a great solution for an E-Commerce site? Can someone provide their opinion on the ideal approach?