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    inconsistancies with movies (online vs offline)

    d:n:k Level 1
      Hi there - I have been battling with a bunch of "odd" behaviors with a few movies I have been working on. It is in fact driving me mad.

      inconsistencies include:

      1) text field (dynamic) will not populate when viewed in a browser from a web sever vs working fine when testing out of the IDE.
      2) html text fields (dynamic) show html when viewed online vs not showing when testing out of the IDE.

      Those are the main ones. And the other thing is that it is not always consistent! Sometimes this happens and other times it does not!

      I have been working on 1 stupid text box for hte last 4 hours without progress. Googling and so on.

      Has anyone had experiences like this? And even better yet a solution? I have updated my flash, moved my flash player back to 8 (from 9) and back to test. Updated the IDE, and so on.

      I am going bald on this one.