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    Breeze vs. Articulate

      We need to create on-demand presentations. We are trying to "package" live training classes. Powerpoint presentations are the anchor media that include an instructor, live demonstrations, and video presentations. These on-demand presentations will have to obviously add audio, but also video clips for the live demonstrations in addition to the archival video that's already a part of the live presentation.

      I have spent the better part of the last two weeks evaluating Articulate. Unfortunately, Articulate proved it could not handle any (or much) of the video. We were limited to importing just .swf's and .flv's, rather than the wide variety of currently available video formats including .avi and .wmv. Even Powerpoint itself accepts all these formats. In addition, the user interface is kinda ugly. I was told that Breeze was a complete cut above Articulate.

      I downloaded the 15-day trial today, and have been trying to work with it. Frankly, it looks almost identical to Articulate. Can anyone tell me what Breeze can do that Articulate can't?