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    Unable to Publish

      Downloaded the trial version today. The local computer icon does not appear when I select "publish," so I cannot preview my presentation. In addition, I cannot publish to the server either. Once I log in to the server and select the folder, the progress bar just slides back and forth forever.

      Am I not allowed to publish because I have the trial version? Do I actually have to buy in order to see what one of my presentations would look like?

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          Hi there,

          As someone who had briefly used the trial version, if I remember correctly, you cannot post to your local computer with the trial version... but we were able to post to their server.

          Can I ask... are you on a broadband connection when uploading your files? It could be the internet connection your on. How 'bout audio files - did you also create audio files with your presentation? If so, they may be a large file size - check for .ppc in the same folder as your .ppt to see the file size.

          As a recommendation, try uploading to the server again with Breeze, Publish - but DE-select the Upload Source Files before clicking Publish. The source files are only needed on the server for archive purposes. Since the user will see the .swf files created, the .ppt and .ppc are not required on the server. This will save on upload time if you are having internet connection issues.

          Also, if this is not the issue, can you tell us if the conversion occurred properly? That is, after clicking Publish, what is the last message you receive? The messages go through a series of conversion messages and I thought if we know the last message you received, it could help us to help you ;)