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    XML file not loading


      I have a flash movie, which reads an xml file and displays the contents on the stage. This works fine. However, when I link to the flash in a html page (flash and xml reside on different server to the html) there is no data displayed, only the defined variables.

      I'm guessing this is some security feature, but it's pretty stupid, as the flash and xml are on the server, and the flash is being linked to absolutely. If there's something I can do, i'll be very grateful, if not, i'd also like to know.

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          Rothrock Level 5
          There are two possibilities. You say the flash is being linked to absolutely, but the Flash isn't the problem – right? So what about the XML, how are you expressing its path?

          In any event, all paths will be relative to the HTML page. So make sure that the XML is referred to from there or with an absolute path.

          Then the other problem may be a cross-domain issue. I don't know how to fix this other than you need to create a cross-domain policy file. Search on that and you should find the answer here fairly quickly. And as a security feature it may be a bit of a nuisance, but I would rather have a secure Flash system than being wide open to all kinds of bad stuff!
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            mac_monkey Level 1
            Yes, I used a crossdoman.xml file.

            I can understand flash not working off different domains to the xml, but they were in the same domain, its just the mhtml page that was different.

            Ah well maybe the flash needed an absolute path to xml.

            Fixed now however, with the cross domain file,