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    Flash Player 9 Gone Wack

      Hey, I haven't found anybody else with this exact prob. So here it is:
      I"m having problems with the flashplayer9 and cannot find a reference to the prob I'm having with it. And it just started out of the blue last night. So it's a either a bug, or a software incompatibility.

      I am having some very strange/serious probs with flash9.ocx. It went wack last night (IE gave me an error message that the add-on "flash9.ocx" was causing an online crash!). While I was IMing with a friend. This has never happened before.

      I am not computer illiterate. I disabled the active X control first then tried to redownload the flash player. It wouldn't let me. So I deleted that active X control and tried to reinstall the flashplayer--won't work at all. What is UP with that?

      Need your help. The flashplayer is an integral part of the Internet experience.

      Sherry Richards