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    MovieClips hierarchy

      I have recently Posted a topic on targeting duplicateMovieClips however I feel another problem im running into is the need to change the hierarchy of my movieClips on the fly. For instance... If there was a method that would take a movieClip and place it inside another movieClip on a specified level.

      clip1.clipA.moveTo(clip2, "3");

      something like this is what im trying to accomplish. Now I know the methods available to me but can not figure out how this could be possible. I thought maybe with duplicateMovieClip I could approach this problem but it turns out duplicateMovieClip will not let me duplicate dynamicaly loaded clips from loadMovie or MovieClipLoader.

      as plainly as I can word it I want to move a movieClip from its place inside another MovieClip to a new place inside a different MovieClip.
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          Rothrock Level 5
          Plainly: No you can't reparent a clip.

          I've heard that it might be possible in AS3, but don't know for sure.

          Why do you think you need to do this? There is probably another way to do what you are trying to do.
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            jholter Level 1
            This came about when I started a post about re-parenting a duplicated MovieClip. It seems that there are some setbacks as far as duplicating MovieClips and it hit me that I don't think you can reparent any MovieClip. Might be usefull im sure there are ways around my needs for it but just curious if there was a tried and true method.