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    Stupid Question

      Ok, I have a _root variable called _root.Color1photo (&Color1photo is in the variable text file and well defined).

      Now, this variable must be loaded as such: loadMovie(_root.Color1photo, img);

      But, there are more that one variable that has to change depending on the number (Color1photo, Color2photo, Color3photo, etc). The word "Color" and the number are called from two _root variable: _root.collection which is Color and _root.activeStyle which is the number. So my question is, why can't I call loadMovie(_root.eval(_root.collection + _root.activeStyle + "photo")) nor can I call loadMovie(_root.concat(_root.collection + _root.activeStyle + "photo"))....but when I concat the variables in one (var test = _root.collection + _root.activeStyle + "photo"; test comes out as Color1photo) it works...

      More importantly, how can I call the _root variable that is made of the two other _root variables concat with "photo"

      Thank You