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    URL rewrite for coldfusion application

    chinaeye Level 1
      Dear Friend,

      If you know the linux mod rewrite, please help,
      I have two type URL as:

      http://www.adsbus.com/home/home.cfm?MartPC=a&MartM=1 ( two variales)
      http://www.adsbus.com/home/chinapf_home_msg.cfm?mid=35&martPC=a&MartM=1 ( three variales)

      My write rules as:

      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteRule ^home_([a-z]+[0-9]*)\.html home.cfm?MartPC=$1 [L,NC]
      RewriteRule ^view_([a-z]+[0-9]*)\.html chinapf_home_msg.cfm?mid=$1 [L,NC]

      not work, Please indicate, and help, thanks.

      By the way, My BBS application works fine: