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    Import - Audio

      Imported an MP3 file into a Captivate project. Selected "stretch across several slides", when asked. Looks like it came in fine. When I select "play this slide" there is no problem. However, if I select From this slide forward or if I Publish the movie I'm not hearing the sounds. I've checked every setting I can find... sound is on, volume is up. I've got the little audio symbol on my slides...

      Anyone got any ideas.

      Oh by the way... I very new to Captivate, so if it's something really simple, don't beat me up too badly.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi BPalesch,
          Trouble-shoot for audio: Hmmmmm.

          I'd create a new blank project and insert the MP3 as an imported audio file. Leave it all on one slide. Does it play okay when you press function key "F4" (preview entire movie)?

          If so, add a few slides ("Insert > Blank Slide") and go to "Audio > Edit timing", and stretch the MP3 over several slides at that dialog. Does it still play okay? Then there is nothing wrong with the MP3 so there must be some other issue with your current project that is preventing the audio file from playing.

          Try to remove that one, and insert a different MP3 (do a "Save As" first, to protect the original file) and see if the different MP3 works . . .

          Let us know what you find, and if no joy we can go from there.

          " don't beat me up too badly" (?) . . . If we dont' get the pleasure of making fun of others, why would we waste our time helping you? Just kidding. Most users are great to work with, and I'm the only one around here with a bad attitude so you should be okay - just don't ask questions that we don't know the answers to, okay?? Makes us feel stupid and inadequate . . . even though, very often we are all of that!

          Welcome aboard!!