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    Confused: Buttons work but don't show up?

      I will try to explain the setup of this page:

      There is a layer with a mask above the layer with the buttons. The mask is intended to reveal the buttons and some text boxes after a short delay. The people who originally did this page for us had it working, but after we opened it to change the text, the buttons stopped showing. They still exist, however. I am able to press the buttons while the swf is running based on where they should be. They simply are invisible. I checked the mask, and it is working just fine. It covers what it is supposed to, nothing is left out.

      I did find that the button displayed if the mask was not present, but then some the actionscript originally present seems to not work. The buttons are intially set with an opacity of 40 and are given more when selected. When the mask is gone (which it will not be when all is working properly), the buttons simply have the normal _alpha setting.

      The makers of the page did use some actionscript that I am not familiar with, but it seems exclusively concerned with tweening effects. Any thoughts?
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          Another thing: I tried moving the buttons out from under the mask or even to a different location on the page. Not only can I not see them then, they don't seem to exist at all (or if they do, I can't click them).

          I think the fla's were originally done in mx 2004 while i am using Professional 8. Could version differences cause the problem? Is there an easy way to check what version an fla was created with? All I know for sure about this is that they were made with higher than MX.