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    Inability to load & play MP3 in Internet Explorer


      I have a flash movie that loads dynamically MP3 files into the flash movie at runtime, through the Sound.loadSound function. I have a standard defined object of the Sound class, which is attached to a MovieClip in the root.

      Upon having finished loading, the MP3 sound is played with Sound.play(). This does work flawlessly in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer. The page where this occurs can be seen at: http://11elleville.com/?mod=phone

      Some data:
      • The loading of the MP3 files goes through a PHP file at the server-side, which loads the file upon demand from a MySQL database, sends the "Content-Type: audio/mpeg" header sent first. The adress becomes the following: http://11elleville.com/index.php?mod=loadphonesound&pid=5 (with the ID varying)

      • The version of Firefox is, IE is 6.0.2900.2180, and Flash Player the very latest

      I hope somethere out there has a solution do this problem, as I for myself have tried several potential solutions, but I'm unable to find something concrete. Also tried searching for similar problems, without any luck.

      Thank you,
      Eric Bolikowski
      Developer at 11elleville.com