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    publishing multiple projects to a server


      I have a question about publishing to RoboEngine:

      I can publish my main help file to RoboEngine without issue. However, I have customized help files (VAR rebranding help) that I want to publish to sub-folders on the main server. So this is what I am trying to do:

      * Help.ordermotion.com = main help file location
      * Help.ordermotion.com/VAR1 = First customized help file
      * Help.ordermotion.com/VAR2 = Second customized help file (will have a total of 12 customized help files)

      Can i/how do I set up a sub folder for each VAR help file? I am played around on the Edit Destination screen, but it isn't working. Not sure if I have to configure something on RoboEngine. Any help is greatly appreciated!

      Noelle Lee