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    Custom Text Caption Transparency Bug

      I am creating custom text callout images. I have created them in Fireworks and export them to the Macromedia/Captivate/Gallery/Captions folder in BMP 24 format. I have left the upper-left corner of each of the 5 image states empty (meaning that the left corner of the caption graphic starts a few pixels to the left and right of the upper left corner of the surrounding image area). The theory is that Captivate takes the color of the upper left corner pixel of a given caption and removes this color to render the color transparent. This process works as intended in Captivate and when I publish .swf files, everything renders correctly. When I export the Captivate file to Flash MX 2004, each of the 5 caption states renders transparency correctly for the red and gray captions. However, when I use a green or blue caption (I'm not talking solid colors here, rather a gradient of white to blue and white to green), portions of the caption are transparent and other portions are not. There isn't a logical pattern that I have been able to recognize so far in terms of any consistency to which specific areas of the graphic are and aren't transparent.

      I have tried re-exporting each of the captions to make certain that there is no anti-aliasing set on the caption itself, and I have tried a number of color backgrounds - both dark and light. I have also tried using a warm background color to contrast the cool blue or green color of the caption. I have tried taking a set of captions that do not have this problem and simply tweaking each of the caption graphic colors to be sure that the caption image is exactly the same between all files (other than that the colors are different). I have tested a caption where I do not stretch it at all, so that it renders as it's default shape when first set in Captivate. None of these things help. The only solution I've been able to come up with is to mask out the areas of the caption in Flash where the background color doesn't drop out, but that is rather tedious and I think that is beyond the scope of what my client would want to deal with.

      Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Electra369 and welcome to our community

          I don't suppose the answer of just keeping Flash out of the picture and using Captivate as an application in and of itself is what you are looking for, eh?

          Unfortunately I have no real answers, only speculations and educated guesses. I'm guessing that something about the exporting of the Captivate to Flash is causing a color shift for those red and gray captions. You are mostly correct with reference to the pixel color used for transparency in Captivate. It's either the upper left or the lower left corner pixel (depending on the object). But that's Captivate, not Flash. I have no clue as to what Flash might use for determining the transparency of a given object.

          Hopefully one of our resident Flash gurus will be able to offer more insight here... Rick
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            Ali Lister
            Hi Electra,

            It sounds as if you are doing everything I would normally do to make a custom caption which works. How interesting that this problem is only happening on certain colors. That may be able to help us track down the problem.

            Would you feel able to send me something to look at, privately? Although I feel sure you have tried everything logical already, sometimes it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes, and I would do whatever I could to try and help you. The most helpful thing would be the original Fireworks pngs and one working set of bmps and their fcms, and one none-working set.

            Sadly, I don't speak Flash at all well, either, but I might be able to spot something quirky happening before the captions arrive at or leave Captivate. I make a lot of custom captions, love them love them love them, but anything good in digital art can occasionally behave like an exotic pet!

            Good luck, and let me know if I can help.


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              Ali Lister Level 1
              Two other very long shots - blowing up the Fireworks image to a kabillion per cent to check for rogue edge pixels. Or (and what do I know here) checking there is no tolerance value set for the transparency in Flash which might be affecting things.

              I know. Sorry if these seem simplistic or crazy, but I always think it is worth blurting like this. One thought leads to another and at some point the answer will spring into someone's mind.

              Good luck.