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    Flash 8 is Freezing My Computer

      Hi Folks,

      I am brand new to Dreamweaver and Flash and I already have a problem. Every time I try to import a video file into a new Flash document to convert it to Flash my computer completely freezes up and I have to shut down using the On/Off power button.

      This occurs the instant I click “Next” after selecting the video file with the “Browse” button. It happens with both an avi and mov files.

      I just installed Studio 8 on a powerful new computer with 2 gigs of ram and dual CPUs so I’ve got plenty of power and memory.

      I have uninstalled Flash twice and reinstalled to no avail. I put the new Flash 9 on just now to see if it would help, but no luck. I know am doing this properly because I can convert the same video file to Flash on my laptop which has the trial version of Flash installed.

      I have some kind of a conflict that is causing this but I don’t know how to find out what it is. I have already spent hours following Adobes trouble shooting guide on the web site.

      If, you have any ideas I would sure appreciate hearing them.