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    Flex Builder Projects

      Flex Builder does not have an "Open Project" choice on the menu. We'd like to check the flex project into our source code control and share the environment, however we cannot find a way to "open" the project on a machine other than the one it was created on. If the project is deleted from the workspace, how can it be added back, and how can I add a project to my workspace or open a project from another source?

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          ur_dtrain Level 1
          What I usually do is create a new project, copy the contents of the existing project into this folder, then swap out the automatically generated project contents with that of the project I'm bringing in (that or delete to empty one and rename the 'imported' main application file).
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            Have you tried to change the Project Properties?
            you go:
            Project -> Properties -> Actionscript Build Path

            under the tab Source Path you can add different project-folders.
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              I just had the same problem. Here is the solution:
              File>Import>click general>Existing Projects into Workspace> click next> click browse on select root directory>this will add your project to the projects list.> click finish and your done. One thing I did noticed is that when I tried to open other projects, they would not open. I got the message "Invalid project description.
              /Users/work/Sites/flex2/eventTest overlaps the location of another project: eventTest". Go figure.