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    Map ID

      I have a new window that I have written a topic for and assigned a map id to it.. The map id is new to the project also. I have generated the project and copied the .chm file to my table file. When I go to my program, display the window and press F1, nothing happens. Clicking Help is the same. However, if I display another window in the program from that same project, I have no problems.

      What could be the problem?
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          The problem could be one of many things. You say this is a new window. Do you want this topic to display in a new window, or is it just a new topic? If the developer is calling a specific window, is the name right and without unusual characters or spaces?

          Here are some steps you can take as the help author to track the problem

          Use RH's BugHunter or Help Workshop to intercept the call from the app to help when you press F1. If nothing shows up here, your application is not connected. If it shows something like

          BugHunter Enabled...

          CHM File Name: C:\Program Files\DSquared\latest beta\delight.chm
          Topic: Opening_Dialog.htm
          Command: HH_HELP_CONTEXT
          Map Number: 131222
          Result: Topic launched.

          you will have the map # the app is using. Next check the .hh file in Notepad. Search for the map number and it should be connected to an ID in a statement similar to #define IDH_D_OPENING 131222. Finally be sure this is connected to your topic in the .ali file. This is also a text file you can open in Notepad and will have the structure IDH_D_OPENING="Opening_Dialog.htm"

          If all of these steps give you expected results, the context help should work. If not, you can fix them by adding it in as you investigate - except for the first step which will need to be fixed by the application developers.

          Hope this helps...