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      Could anyone please explain this to me. If I have a button in my main .swf timeline, and I want this to open another .swf called "VWBillboard.swf" to play above on button release.
      Firstly do I need to identify the VWBillboard.swf somewhere before coding the button?
      Secondly what would the exact code be on the button if I wanted it to open on Level 1?
      Thirdly, I have been using the loadMovie command into an mc instance in my main movie. It seems to work, but my preloader in VWBillboard doesnt play when it loads. If VWBillboard loads above the Main swf is my preloader code still ok in using _root?
      I know I need massive help. Any help would be brilliant.
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          Level 0 goes on the bottom. Level 1 goes above that, 2 above that, and so on...

          on (release) {
          loadMovieNum("myMovie.swf", 1);

          This will make your button load the new movie above everything else. I mean above as in, it will cover the other things, hide them.

          Now the problem will be to understand _root. Each movie has it's own _root, which is the main timeline of it. If your preloader is in _level0 targetting root, it will not be lookin at _level1. So, you probably need to change a line of code in the preloader so it gets frames loaded on level 1 not level 0.

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            JoeyJon Level 1
            Thanks for your reply... I will have a go at it today.
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              All working well. Thanks very much for the help Jen.