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    Problems aligning form elements in IE

    Digital Sky Design
      I mainly work on my Mac so my websites always look great in Safari but then when I go and check them out in IE they always look messed up. Having said that my new site I'm building can be found here...


      If you check that out in Safari it looks EXACTLY the way I want it to. If you then view it in IE 8.0 it also looks EXACTLY the way I want it to (congrats Microsoft on finally making a decent browser). Then when you view it in IE 7.0 the problems REALLY start happening. You'll see at the top of the page where the login form is that the form input fields and buttons are all out of alignment when you compare them to IE 8 or Safari which is what I want them to look like.

      I've been trying to fix this for days but there is no end in sight as I apparently can't find the solution to fix it in IE 7.

      Could anyone help me out here and tell me what I might be missing as far as aligning this form elements go for all browsers?