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    Inserting remote pictures and keeping the url address, not the ftp


      I'm using DW CS3 on Mac OS 10.5. I have picture files uploaded on my web site.

      I want to insert (many) pictures in my html pages BUT I just want the html code to refer to the location of the picture file with a full url ( http://www.domain.com/picture.jpg) address, not a relative nor a ftp one. The job is done nicely when I'm using Web Folder on Windows to drag & drop the files onto my page design view but the Mac Finder is only allowing me to connect through a ftp connection and, therefore, this is the ftp address that is used (ftp://ftp.domain.com/picture.jpg) whenever I'm inserting a file on a web page...

      Any suggestion would be appreciated.

      Kind regards,

      Renaud, Brussels.