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    GeorgeWS Level 1
      How does the folder and its contents JRUN4 get added to the C:\fds2 ? what do I need to install?
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          jrunrandy Adobe Employee
          I'm sorry. I'm not sure what your question is but will start with this.

          If you choose the Integrated Install option of Flex Data Services 2, you get jrun4 under the root of the directory structure. If you choose the J2EE option, you get WAR files (Both options have resources, player, and other supporting directories). I think the Integrated option provides WAR files, too.

          Does that help?
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            GeorgeWS Level 1
            Thanks, I did figure it out the other day. Where can I get simple samples like: how to fill a datagrid using cfc. how to fill a drop down using cfc's and how to bind them together. easy simple stuff not clouded with other stuff? Is there a book you can recommend?

            Thanks again
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              jrunrandy Adobe Employee
              Have you looked at the Using ColdFusion MX with Flex 2 book. It tells you how to use the RPC tags with CFCs. If you have more questions, just continue posting them to the forums.