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    Acrobat Reader Installation

    Ninemill Level 1
      Hi all, In the past our company has done quite a few Director authored CD's that launch pdf files from a projector menu. These have always been PC-based and we normally use Buddy API to check whether the user has Acrobat Reader installed, and if they haven't, offer them the option of installing it from a standalone installer contained on the CD.

      We are now producing another of these CD's, but this time it has to be cross-platform. I have got the basics of the presentation working, but I have two problems:

      1) The 'pdf application checker' does not recognise the default "preview" application on a mac as a valid way of launching pdfs and returns the appropriate error - BAOpenFile will not launch a pdf through this application either.

      2) I can't find a standalone Acrobat Reader to put on the CD either. All the Acrobat Readers I've located require an internet connection at the time of installation, no good as the CD may be going to users with no connection.

      Can anyone suggest any solutions to the problems I'm experiencing???

      Many thanks everyone,