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    HELP!Flash Player and ActiveX communication problem in IE!

      I've made a ActiveX Control which use a Modeless Dialog to hold a
      ShockWaveFlash ActiveX control. Then we could use this ActiveX control

      as a bridge to communication with the Flash which was held in the
      ShoclWaveFlash Control.
      The struct is as below:
      External APP or Html <--> My own ActiveX Control <--> ShockWaveFlash
      Player playing .swf file
      In Firefox or MFC APP, everything is OK, but in IE, IF we load local
      swf file and set always local trust, we can get FSCommand in our own
      But if we load a swf file from HTTP use URL to locate it, We cann't get
      the FSCommand fired from flash in our own ActiveX.
      It should be a security issue of Flash8, but I don't know whether a
      remote SWF file can communicate with local ActiveX in IE???
      Please Help! Thanks!