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    Can AIR detect power status changes?

      I'm trying to go through the API documentation and wondering if there's a way for AIR to be able to detect when the computer goes into power saving modes, like hibernation, etc, so that the application can react accordingly. Anyone knows if this is possible, or not at all?

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          Cesare Rocchi
          I really think not at all.
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            flexstone Level 1
            These are the events which you can listen for - maybe one of these will help you accomplish your goal....

            Dispatched when this application becomes the active desktop application.

            Dispatched when the desktop focus is switched to a different application.

            Dispatched when the application's exit sequence is started.

            Dispatched when an application is invoked.

            Dispatched when either a new network connection becomes available or an existing network connection is lost.

            Dispatched when the user has been idle for the period of time specified by the idleThreshold property.

            Dispatched when the user uses the mouse use or keyboard after an idle period.