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    Load Vars hyperlink problem...


      In the site I am building I have set up all the text to be loaded from external txt files using loadVars. I thought i was at last over this hurdle, but no, i have found a bug and i have no idea how to fix it.

      If you enter my site and go to any of the pages with dynamic links (ie: the gigs page or the links page) then navigate elsewhere within the site, the links remain active despite them not being visible on the page.

      ie: If you go to the links page, rollover one, but dont click it. Then browse to another page in the site, such as music, then put the cursor in the position on this page where the link had been on the links page. On my PC the cursor changes to a hand, and if i click the invisible link opens.

      I dont understand how this could have happened as everything apart from the navigation at the top is designed to shift left and right as you move around the site.

      Does anyone have any idea why would the HTML links remain when the content is no longer in there.... or more importantly, how I would go about fixing this?