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    Hyperlink Display in Frame Options

      I am working in RH7. In creating hyperlinks to various topics, sites, etc., I have wondered how I might use the different display options: Page Default (none), New Window, Same Frame, Parent Frame, and Whole Page.

      I get the use of the Page Default and New Window, but I am unclear how the other options behave and how I might use them. Mostly I am looking for an explanation of what the options do when used. We are using WebHelp as our primary layout if that helps.

      I have attempted to research these options but I haven't found any real guidance on them. I hope someone in the community can enlighten me. Thanks in advance from a relative newbie,

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi TW

          The other options would be used if you had created a Frameset topic. A Frameset topic divides the browser (or frame) into different areas. The basic frameset consists of the frameset HTML page and two topic HTML pages. One topic appears inside one frame of the frameset and the other appears inside the other frame.

          So if you had a link in a topic that appeared inside one of the frames of the frameset, you might employ one of the other options to elicit certain behaviors.

          * Same Frame displays the linked topic in the same frame you are in
          * Parent Frame leaves the frame you are in and causes the linked topic to consume the space the frameset formerly consumed
          * Whole page causes the linked topic to leave framesets entirely and display the content in the whole browser window.

          Hopefully that helps to enlighten you.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Trustwriter Level 1
            This helps Rick. I have been playing with these different options and your reply helps to explain what I have been seeing. Consider me enlightened. Thanks for the prompt reply.