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    Custom Formatter

    scsherwood Level 1
      I have a DataSet bound to a DataGrid.
      One schema property on the DataGrid is "date" with a type of "Date"
      I want to load the DataSet with its dataProvider property from a database that stores the "date" property in Actionscript "Date," but display the date in the DataGrid as a short form date "MM/DD/YY."

      I wrote a Custome Class Formatter that does the translation, and it works taking the date information loaded into the DataSet and properly formatting it in the DataGrid as short Date "MM/DD/YY." However, if I change the date in the enabled DataGrid it won't change in the DataSet. Here's the code of the custom formatter:

      Is there something about the DataSet that I don't understand? I have a Boolean formatter that converts "true/false" Boolean to "Yes/NO" and it works fine in both directions. The Date formatter simply will not work in the reverse direction. I've tried everything. The standard built in Date Formatters don't work either. I MUST be missing something. If anyone can put a code snippet in that works, I would really appreciate it.

      Any help appreciated.