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    Forced slide completion

      Is there a way to allow students to have the flexibility of clicking through slides (or sections) of a course, yet still have it tracked in Breeze that they completed the entire course? Or, is there no way around forcing students to go slide by slide listening/reading each and every slide in its entirety before Breeze will count it as complete. It would be nice to have control over which slides are required and which are optional in any given course...For example, we have a "theme" on each of our training courses, where the slides have an intro and a closure slide. If a student gets anxious and does not want to sit through these slides, Breeze will not track that they completed the course. Any advice would be appreciated!
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          Since my presentation did not have a quiz, I didn't consider using the Quiz Manager for anything... however, inside the quiz manager there are options under the reportings tab, under Choose Report Data. The last option of Report Slide Views only seems to be a solution to this problem (or at least designed for this), however, I am struggling to get it to work correctly. No matter how quickly I advance through the slides (using this tracking option), the LMS tracks that I completed the course. Solves my original problem, but, now will allow a user to just click on advance on every slide without listening/reading all of the content on the page, all the way to the end, and Breeze gives them credit for taking the course. Anyone with more experience with the Report Data I am talking about, if you have advice, still working on finding my solution.

          This is what is stated in Help about this feature and how it is supposed to work. Seems to not be working.

          "Slide View Completion % lets you set the percentage of slides that must be viewed by a user for them to complete the presentation. For example, if you have a presentation that contains 10 slides and you set the Slide View Completion percentage to 80, users who view 8 out of the 10 slides will have "completed" the presentation. (This option is only available if you select the Report Quiz Results and Slide Views or Report Slide Views Only option.)"