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    Converting legacy ActionScript Flash applications

      Why hasn't Adobe published any guide lines for using ActionScipt 2.0 applications in Flex? Surely there are plenty of existing applications that will need this done. All I know is

      1) I can't use SWFLoader in Flex 2 to load my AS 2.0 app - the help states the application might not work correctly - and no, on test, it does not. SWFLoader works with apps written in AS 3.0, so I need to use a 3.0 app.

      2) I must now convert my app to AS 3.0. On a cursory review of the differences, this is NOT a minor task. However, I don't mind doing it if I end up with something that will run correclty when loaded into a Flex app. However!! See my next problem in this list.

      3) I have no method of publishing my app in AS 3.0, even if I rewrite it. The latest version of the Flash workbench is Flash 8, which uses AS 2.0.

      So - Adobe! Why have you placed me and anyone else who might be in this situation into such an untenable position? I can't use my legacy code, but I have no procedure for converting it over. On looking through the Flex help, it appears that I can compile any ActionScript inside the Flex Builder. But - how does this work if my app has a .fla file, in addition to its .as files that contain just ActionScript? Could you please publish some guidelines for handling this situation?