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    _blank from Flash to IE7

      Hi All,

      I'm currently working on af flash project which need to open external html pages in new browser windows. This is done like this:

      getURL(" http://www.site.com","_blank");

      This works fine in the current version of IE, but in IE7 it opens up in the same browser window.

      Does anybody have a solution?

      : ) Jakob
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          2m Level 2
          Are you sure it doesn't just open in a new tab in the same window?
          If so, this behavior is user controlled, you cant change it. The default behavior of IE 7 however is to open popups (most likely those opend with javascript openWindow)
          in a new window, but that'll brion popUp blockers into the game...
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            Jakob_Wagner Level 1

            No. It doesn't open in a new tap, I can use the back button to get back.
            Now I've seen a nonflash site which have the same problem in the new IE, so I gues there's nothing to do about it except doing a javascript.

            Is there such thing as a popupblocker-friendly javascript?

            : ) Jakob
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              So IE7 is only a month from being pushed out via Automatic Updates.... I can't believe there is not more information about this in the forums or on the web. This is a MAJOR problem, as the HTML page opens in the CURRENT tab, so your flash movie is essentially reset. I have filed a complaint with Adobe and MS. I have seen the Javascript workaround, but there is no way I can go back and fix all the movies I have developed. It looks like _blank works in general in IE7 (from a html page). It only behaves this way from an ActiveX control (ie. Flash). Any other insight/workarounds to this at all????
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                2m Level 2
                Sorry, but I cannot reproduce that behaviour. Which release of the control and of IE / are you using.

                I used 9.0.18 (Flash) and 7.0.5700.6 (IE) and everything works as expected.
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                  IHateMakingNicknames Level 1
                  Thanks for the reply. I am using 7.0.5700.6 also. My flash version is 9.0.16... I can't find 9.0.18 anywhere? Is that a beta version? That could be the issue... anyways, in 9.0.16 I am using the same exact code Jakob is using. It doesn't look like I am the only person encountering this:


                  Here is an example that works fine in IE 6 for me : http://www.developingwebs.net/flash/geturl.php
                  but opens in the same tab in IE 7. Have you changed any tab behavior from the defaul IE 7 settings? Thanks for all your help.
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                    2m Level 2
                    the 9.018 is a beta, you can find it here:


                    I'm not aware that I have changed any tab-settings, I have enabled tab browsing, quick tabs are enabled, new tabs open next to current tab. When a pop-up is encountered i always open it as a new window - this could probably be the setting that influences things, but it seems to be the default, as "Restore defaults" sets this option.

                    The java-script solution runs into a pop-up blocker, so I wouldn't go for this one. How do you code the link?

                    You are aware that the pop-up blocker only let those new windows through, which are opened directly by a user (click-) action.


                    button.onrelease = function() {
                    getURL ("/", "_blank");

                    is treated as a link, while

                    button.onRollOver = function() {
                    getURL ("/", "_blank");

                    is treated as a pop-up.
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                      I have a similar issue. I am using "_blank" to open a new window. I read that for off domain flash you can use "_blank" and it should work (from a post here on adobe) and in the past it has. Since upgrading to IE7 and Flash 9 new windows do not work with "_blank". This appears to only be on off domain sites.
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                        IHateMakingNicknames Level 1
                        Thanks for the info. The domain popup has been an issue for a while I think (took me a while to figure that one out too!). Actually I just installed the beta version of Flash Player that was suggested above and POOF, my popups work. Thank you for the tip 2M. I just hope that beta release is around the same time as the IE7 release.