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    Movie Clip Problem


      I have created a movie that has a form that can send an email through flash. I have used asp to send the email. The actual email sending and everything works. But what i want to do is create a button that then opens the email form on top of the current slide and the user fills the details and sends the email then the current slide is displayed again and the form disappears.

      What i have done is created a movie clip that is called comments. I have added action script to that movieclip to go to frame 2 in the movie clip. In frame two of the movie clip i have put a 2 buttons - send and and cancel. also in frame 2 is the movie clip for the form form for the email with input text. When i click on the comments button it goes to frame 2 and displays the form and button over the current slide, but the problem that i am having is that i cannot type any thing in the input field. When i role my mouse over the input field the curser changes into a hand. I dont know how to resolve this problem. Please help.