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    CSS and Flex2

      Hello everybody.
      Let me first say that I'm totally new to flex.
      I've never been using flash either.
      Though I'm allready starting to love it.

      Though I do have a question.
      I'm aware of that I can include a css-file.
      But what css is accepted?
      I really would like to find a complete list
      of accepted css-commands for flex2.
      I've searched the web without any luck,
      and I've tried to search in the help-documents.

      Would be really glad if someone has a link to it.
      Best regards to all of you,
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          ur_dtrain Level 1
          Other than a few general purpose styles, each component generally has specific styles that apply only to its unique features. The best resource for specific questions, is to check the documentation for the specific component you are interested in styling. Try here: Language Reference There is a link at the top that will take you straight to the style reference section for each component. If you are interested in more general styl information, or to preview the various effects you'll want to look here: Style Explorer.

          Generally Flex css is similar, but not the same as HTML based styles. for example you'll want to set 'styleName' in Flex that corresponds to 'class' in html css.
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            There are also wierd quirks. For example, Flex makes a distinction between styles and properties. Properties cannot be specified via CSS styles. For example, width and height are properties and not styles and therefore cannot be specified in a CSS stylesheet, but must be specified individually for each element or be wrapped up as its own component class.