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    applying var to buttons

      ok, here's my question

      I want to create a news system. I don't want the URL to change. All I want is to load and unload SWFs. I have two SWFs. Let's name them ListOfArticles and ShowArticle. When the user clicks the link in the main swf, the ListOfArticles is loaded. It shows the list of all articles with titles and short descriptions. When the user clicks the title/link, the ShowArticle is loaded with full article.I'm using asp and xml. So the asp must send via XML the ID of the articles. With this ID I'll be able to tell/create a link (title of the article), which will tell the asp after the user's click, which article was selected and must be loaded.What I'm asking is how do I do this? How do I create this kind of communication?Can you point me to a good tutorial, article, case? I'm new to flash. So far I was using VBS and ASP, but I want to include flash. THX for any help