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    Newbie: FB2 and CRUD questions

      We have just started to use FB2 and the Cold Fusion CRUD wizard and like it a lot for basic table maintenance funtions..But of course have a series of quesions to make the generated product "production ready" All of these questions pertain to the code generated by the Cold Fusion CRUD wizard.

      1) Can you use the Cold Fusion Wizard to update a project generated by the Wizard i.e., add another column to a datagrid or add another master / detail maintenance to the menu? If so how?

      2) Where do you insert (mxml page and section) an mx.validation tag to validate an entry (such as phone) on a detail update? And has anyone done a validation for a url?

      3) Where do you insert (mxml page and section) a onClick tag to click on a field (in a Master table) and go to the URL contained in that field. ?

      4) What are the mxml pages can you would access to edit things like datagrid size, rowCounts, etc possible through the designer. (This would be for both the Master, detail and master/detail views)

      5) What mxml page can you edit to add additional menu items to the Wizard generated menu?

      6) Using a swf generated by the CF wizard on a very large file (10,000 records) brought it to its knees. What would the recommended access method for very large files?