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    Java App like Flash app

    Paulo Zanetti

      I don't speak english, but I will try to communicate...

      I would like to know if can I build Java DESKTOP applications with the appearance of Flash web applications...

      Can I do it???

      [ ] s,
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          Hi. I dont think there is an easy explanation for this, but what you can do is
          the following:

          1. Use flex/flash to communicate via flash remoting to an external app server running j2ee, such as openamf or the commercial servers available from adobe.

          2. Then build your front-end in flash and the major application services you need you send these as requests to the java back end server.

          3. There are some lighter weight solutions to running the jre as well. I dont know any offhand, as opposed to running a full tomcat server with a service.

          Does this help?