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    appending to a dataset

      Hi, Thanks for reading -

      I need to construct a dataset for a datagrid component - what I have is some columns which are fixed. and some columns that may range from 1 - 13 actual columns based on the user's choices. So for example my table could have from 4 - 17 columns.

      So I can iterate through a single loop using myDP.addItem() to add my data to the static columns, but I need an inner loop to go through the data in the columns which are variables themselves if you follow me. So I would like to append the data that I pull from these rows to - for example - row 1 of my grid. I can't seem to figure out how to do this?? I can use myDP.addItemAt() but this just puts the new data at the top (if I select index 0) and slides everything down instead of actually appending it to row 0 which is what I want to do. -- any help at all is appreciated. I hope I've been clear, its quite late here.