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    Audio Xtra synchronising with Director Sounds

      I'm using Director MX to create a karaoke style application. Basically, there are 2 sound files being played simultaneously (one containing the music, one containing the vocals). The user can toggle these on or off at will. This is all fine, however I also need to allow the user to record their own vocal tracks. I'm using the Audio Xtra to do this and it's working fine when the user starts recording, but if the user pauses the recording and then resumes recording, it gets quite badly out of sync with the music track. The amount it gets out of sync seems to be different on different machines. I'm pausing and resuming as follows:

      on pauseRecording

      on resumeRecording

      I've tried switching the order of the sound commands and the audio xtra commands, but it doesn't seem to help. Does anyone have any idea if this can be improved, or is it not going to be possible?